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Santa Fe, NM

Embraced an extraordinary voyage of personal transformation and opulent relaxation at the YBL FAITH event in the enchanting city of Santa Fe, New Mexico. It was not just a trip – it was an expedition into the soul of the Southwest, where the ancient mysticism and the modern world blended seamlessly together. Participants allowed the spiritual culture of Santa Fe to permeate their senses as they visited ancient adobe buildings and explored indigenous art that was alive with centuries-old traditions. They unwound at exquisite local restaurants, experiencing a sumptuous blend of Native American, Spanish, and modern cuisines that captured the city’s diverse heritage. Immersed in this spiritual haven, they listened to the echoes of its past, which created the perfect backdrop for a journey toward unlocking a brighter, more fulfilling future.

Rwanda, Africa

YBL Members had a once-in-a-lifetime experience, exploring Kigali and encountering mountain gorillas in their natural habitats in Volcanoes National Park – using the incredible Gorilla View Lodge as homebase. Prior to the outdoor adventure, guests enjoyed incredible views, luxurious accommodations and amazing culinary experiences at the Hotel des Mille Collines.

Vail, Colorado

YBL Members got actionable financial guidance from a diverse range of financial experts on the topics of: investing, capital funding, current economics, and more. This trip was filled with winter wonderland activities including world-class skiing, ax throwing, sleigh rides, remote cabin dinners and a private outdoor yurt with gourmet desserts and hot toddies.

Machu Picchu, Peru

YBL members gained an appreciation for how the Universe has their back and received a Pacha Mama Shaman Blessing. This trip included riding first class trains, hiking to take in amazing scenery, and experiencing the breathtaking nature via ATVs. Our charity focus for ‘giving-back’ was to generate funds for shoes for children.


YBL members learned how to improve their Health and Human Performance with special focus on Nutrition and Weight Loss. This adventure included swimming with sharks before receiving relaxing Spa Treatments… and a grand final night Mini-Rave with the Crystal Method.

San Diego, California

YBL members discovered how to manifest the love of their life with the law of attraction and learned about the upward pleasure cycle. On this trip the adventures included a beach day with hang gliding and partying on a mega yacht and swanky beach bar.

Riviera Maya, Mexico

YBL members discovered the secret to a content and peaceful life and investigated concepts in Astrology and what it’s like to work with a Psychic Medium. On this adventure, members also participated in a Temazcal ceremony and visited the Xenses Museum.

Mykonos, Greece

In this adventure, YBL members explored topics on early retirement, multi-family investments, business, and tax free wealth before embarking on a treasure hunt and visiting the Delos Island Greek Historical Heritage Site. Our charity focus for ‘giving-back’ was to get all members to participate in a beach cleanup.

Deer Valley, Utah

Our focus in this event was for YBL members to learn about stress mastery and human development and change. On this adventure, YBL members visited the Olympic Park and experienced the beautiful valley up above from a scenic ski lift. Members also participated in rafting and fly fishing activities.

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