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Design Your Best You

The great thing about YBL is it's truly a family. The support that I get from everybody, the friendship, the connection comes at a very deep level. It's like something I've never experienced before.

Todd Tononi

President Atlantic Bedding & Furniture | Charleston, SC

It Starts With

Striving For More

You Can’t Be Your Best Self If You’re Complacent

You’re here because you want more for yourself, your family, and your community. And you know that to get it… you can’t keep coasting along and hoping it will happen.

Hope Is Not A Strategy For Your Best Life

Simply sitting back, settling for what you have now and imagining that growth will magically happen… that’s not going to get you anywhere but where you are right now.

And while you’re successful and your career is where you want it to be…

You know there’s something missing.

We’ll help you fill in the pieces.

The Global Collective Created

For Highly Successful Ambitious Individuals

Who Know The Key To True Best Life Success Is ConnectioN.

Your Best Life is an assembly of high achievers. Of dreamers. Of doers who have cast aside complacency and dedicated themselves to boldly pushing for more.

Better relationships with their family.
Stronger foundations in their faith.
Commitment to fitness and health.
And a financial freedom that makes impact possible.

We’re no longer satisfied with “having it all” only on the surface. We refuse to settle for ordinary.

And Together,




Like-minded Individuals And Entrepreneurs who are ambitious, passionate and growth-minded …




Like-minded Individuals And Entrepreneurs who are ambitious, passionate and growth-minded …


We’ll Work Tirelessly With You To

And then help you live it.

We Believe In the

WOW Factor


is such a short and simple word…

But in it hides a million meanings.

The feeling of awe. The inspiration. The realization that THIS is what your life is meant to be.

Unmatched experiences. Unparalleled community. Unequaled momentum.

So big that wow will never be enough…

Will You Be The Next To Live Your Best Life?


We’ll leave you behind.

Because Your Best Life is much, much bigger than you could ever imagine.

You know that you have to take the critical next step – to push yourself further than you ever thought you could go… and discover what more looks like for you.

Your Best Life

Meet The Team To Help Support


philosophy of elevating the performance of those around him through training, mentorship and motivation and now would use those skills to help new relationships. His unique background of business experience, law enforcement, martial arts training and economic analysis gives him the perspective few have to guide entrepreneurs, CEOS, and other top executives to new heights. Dean most recently was the President and COO of a large regional mortgage bank that had doubled its size under his leadership originating over $400,000,000 in residential and commercial loans and servicing $1,000,000,000 in receivables. Dean has the ability to optimize business performance and the economic and financial expertise to anticipate and prepare businesses for the future. He also served as a board director on the Texas Mortgage Bankers Association. Dean lives in El Paso with Dolores, his wife of 25 years, and son Chayse.

the age of 5, Chuck has studied the arts. From language, martial arts, painting, sculpting, gymnastics, music and dance; he has dedicated his life to understanding the human condition and how energy from the arts has enhanced his own life and increased not only his performance but his level of happiness. Life is about finding the imbalance between success and fulfillment both personal and professionally. His background in finance, real estate law, and business maangement cultivated into successful careers in multiple businesses over the last 40 years and he is bringing his unique style and diverse talents to support our YBL family in their pursuits of love, life, and happiness.

She is also a Certified Yoga Teacher and has been teaching for 13 years and owned her own studio, Grace Yoga. She has studied under world class teachers such as Bryan Kest, Krishna Das, Krishna Ji and Preetaji from O&O Academy, Seane Corn, MC Yogi and Byron Katie. Megan holds a B.S. in Marketing, Advertising & Public Relations from Emerson College as well as a B.S. in Metaphysics from the University of Sedona. She is a business owner and philanthropist but her biggest pride and joy is being a Mom. Megan resides on the south shore of Massachusetts with her partner Patrick and their children Finn and Max.

The Learning Annex. Some of her current and former clients include: Your Best Life, Bo Eason, Chalene Johnson, JJ Virgin, John Assaraf, and 3 years as the Executive Producer of Events for Tony Robbins. She also co-produced the Real Estate Wealth Expos where headlining names such as Suze Orman, Pitbull, Magic Johnson and Damon John. These events ranged from 5,000 attendees all the way up to 24,000 attendees. She has had the pleasure of booking and hosting several internationally known authors, speakers and celebrities such as Magic Johnson, Kevin Hart, Deepak Chopra, Larry King, Sara Blakely and Eckhart Tolle. Originally from Minnesota, Jessie lives in San Diego, CA with her husband and two adorable children.

and culture, and has helped thousands of business owners and entrepreneurs increase revenue through better sales and marketing, while significantly improving the quality of their lives.

Costa Rica with her husband Bryan and two sons, Joaquin & Ian. She takes pride in offering tailored care for the individual members and thrives with each opportunity to help this community and give back to the world. Her heart is fulfilled in this line of work and she loves YBL! 8+ years of experience in event planning and 20+ in the hospitality industry.

Personal Coaching Ph.D. program. Dr. Connie is an expert in a host of personal development technology including Neuro-Associative Conditioning (NAC) and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). She is also certified in Core Transformation, Rational Emotive Therapy, Rapid INtegrative Gestalt, Amazonian Herbology, Ophanim, ChiKun, Emotional Freedom Therapy, Total Life Therapy, Art Therapy, Clinical Hypnotherapy and holds a degree in Physical Education. Dr. Connie’s experience in the field of personal development and life coaching is the direct result of taking massive action after attending a seminar almost 15 years ago. That put her on the path to grow into the knowledgeable and skilled life coach and strategist she is today.

Hazledine to clinch the gold ring as the 2012 Enrst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year. A Keynote Presenter for 20 consecutive years, Deb steps onto the main stage to rousing appalause: her repuration as an innovator in coaching success pathway precedes her. Deb doesn’t just talk a good game – she’s competed and taken first place. In fact, as, RE/MAX Hall of Famer, she has bested competitors and ranked in the top 1% of all real estate agents in the country. She takes this drive and turns it into useful midful shifts that business leaders can use. As a self-described “puzzle geek”, Deb takes her curiosity to the realm of business – constantly challenging assumptions and asking “why?”. Deb contributed to the 2013 best seller. Overcoming Mediocrity and has penned 2 books of her own: Stop That! Start This!, Maverick Moves – Grandma’s Magic Mirror. Her “FreedomPoint Coaching Method” is an established game-changer in the coaching world.

As a highly successful author, Veenu has authored two best-selling books, “BULLYPROOF: Unleash the Hero Inside Your Kid” and the #1 Best-Selling book “Numb.” Armed with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and certifications as a Master Life Coach and Certified Behavior Consultant, Veenu’s dedication to professional development is evident. Furthermore, she holds licenses as a Brain Trainer under Dr. Amen and a Neuroencoding Specialist accredited by Joseph McClendon, III. In addition to her remarkable achievements, Veenu is the esteemed host of the widely acclaimed TV show “Redefine Parenting,” which has amassed an impressive 1.5 million views.Veenu continues to share her wisdom and empower individuals to reach their full potential.
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