Choosing to be more

Through Impact, Experience, and Growth

A Movement with a Mission

It’s easy to get trapped in the idea of “success coaching” that shows you how to make more money or push your career to the next level.

But you’re here because you know that’s not enough.

You want MORE than success. You want a better life for everyone around you.

That’s why we build transformation for your entire life – NOT just the financial aspect.

(Don’t worry, we’ll help you there, too.)

We see you as a holistic person – with hopes and dreams and wants and needs. Whether you’ve defined them or not.

So we’ll work with you to improve the 4 Critical Areas of Your Best Life:

Success For Your Whole Self

And Your Whole Life

Our Commitment To You

The only person more committed to your success than us… is you.

Because it’s our legacy we’ll leave with you. Our knowledge, our expertise, our experience. Our years of building our own best lives – all accessible to you when you need it. In a no-holds barred, unfiltered way that will leave you feeling truly supported and connected…

And not just to us and our team, but to each other.



Together, we’ll all contribute to the collective – of knowledge, of ability, of resources, of support – and become a powerhouse of opportunity for each and every person.

Relationships that grow your business.
Friendships that encourage your faith.
Partnerships that strengthen your fitness.
Kinships that support your family.

All wrapped in experiences and events and destinations that will

blow. your. mind.

3 Reasons You Should

Not Work With Us

For the collective to work the way we intend… we simply must be selective. We must ensure that the people in our community are here for the right reasons, and will bring the energy and support our members rely on to grow and evolve.

Do not apply if…

Our selection process is strict, because we can only succeed if all members of the collective are ready, willing, and able to push themselves further than they’ve ever gone before.


Our Global Impact

For our Impact Project in Rwanda, Africa

YBL proudly partnered with the Muhisimibi Sewing School, a beacon of hope for young, displaced Rwandan mothers. This remarkable institution not only offers these mothers technical training in sewing, design, entrepreneurship, and business at no charge, but it also ensures they receive free childcare, daily meals for them and their children, housing support, and their very own sewing machine upon graduation.

Beyond the tangible, the school weaves a fabric of support, fostering a family-like setting and a sanctuary of safety and nurturing. YBL’s commitment to this cause saw us donate $12,975 in cash and supplies, and as a symbol of our connection, our team adorned hand-sewn outfits crafted by the school’s graduates on our final evening in Africa.

The Destinations

Your Best Life is not only lived by the impact you make… but by the memories you create along the way.

  • Santa Fe, NM
    Embraced an extraordinary voyage of personal transformation and opulent relaxation at the YBL FAITH event in the enchanting city of San...
  • Rwanda, Africa
    YBL Members had a once-in-a-lifetime experience, exploring Kigali and encountering mountain gorillas in their natural habitats in Volca...
  • Vail, Colorado
    YBL Members got actionable financial guidance from a diverse range of financial experts on the topics of: investing, capital funding, c...
  • Machu Picchu, Peru
    YBL members gained an appreciation for how the Universe has their back and received a Pacha Mama Shaman Blessing. This trip included ri...
  • Maldives
    YBL members learned how to improve their Health and Human Performance with special focus on Nutrition and Weight Loss. This adventure i...
  • San Diego, California
    YBL members discovered how to manifest the love of their life with the law of attraction and learned about the upward pleasure cycle. O...
  • Riviera Maya, Mexico
    YBL members discovered the secret to a content and peaceful life and investigated concepts in Astrology and what it’s like to work with...
  • Mykonos, Greece
    In this adventure, YBL members explored topics on early retirement, multi-family investments, business, and tax free wealth before emba...
  • Deer Valley, Utah
    Our focus in this event was for YBL members to learn about stress mastery and human development and change. On this adventure, YBL memb...
  • Costa Rica
    We experienced surfing, ziplining, deserted islands and jet skis while discovering the inner workings of the feminine and masculine asp...
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